Thursday, September 18, 2014

There is one very basic requirement to use those free internet messaging (IM), such as Hangout, Line, iMessage, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger. There get to be enough friends on the services for you to have good reason to use it daily.

photo by Dan McKay

Some could face the situation like my Dad’s, that he would love to do those free IM services, but all his friends are still on landlines. There is really no good reason for him to use it daily. Once he doesn’t use it often, he forgets how to do it soon.

As we talked about  in How to Choose the Right  Social  Media to Use, it's almost the same process in trying IM. First, figure out what type of IM services those people you like to have conversations with are using. It would be fun only if there are more than handful of people in the circle. If you can’t find enough people, take some classes and you will not only gain new friends, but also learn useful skills, and slow down aging process.

For the technical part, you will need to have internet service at home, and smart devices, iPad, or those HTC, and Samsung Pad. You could use smart phones, but make sure you are comfortable to read and type on those small screens. Surely an old-fashioned computer or Chromebook will do with some IM services, but just you may not feel the POWER of 21st century by using them.

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