Saturday, May 31, 2014

Get a piece of paper and answer this question:
Who do I want to connect through this action?

The answer should be your family members, friends, co-workers, or classmates.  If you want to connect to celebrities or politic figures, you can easily find them all over social media; try Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. 
photo by Jason Howie

For whoever wants to connect with people in our own life, it’s actually very easy.  Go talk to the person(s) that you list, and ask them what kind of social media they mainly use.  You just need ONE, and join the same social media. It may be Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr.  Please notice LinkedIn is not really the social media that you want to join, because it’s business-oriented and people use it to connect for work, not life.  

Please, be aware that people use social media in many different ways. Some of your children or grandkids might not want you to know too much of their “happy” real life.  So if you find them putting you on acquaintance, please be considerate.

Most important is your action.
First, stop being a bystander while joining this social game.  Post as often as possible, if not, at least once a week.  Because, if you don’t do it often, you would forget it!
Second, write comments…nice comments when you like their posts.  Social media are all about feedback, because humans need connections, meaningful connections.  Above all, once you pass away, those posts will be part of their precious memories.

Now, if you have someone in mind to contact , let’s create connections, and start sharing you life with people you care about today.

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Now, you can either read the related articles, or share this page. Then get up and enjoy your life.


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