Thursday, May 22, 2014

The era of Microsoft Window's total domination is gone, and finally users can pick their computer devices according to their needs.

For photo or video lovers, meaning you take more than 500 photos per month, and editing videos that run more than 15 minutes,  you will still need to pick a fully function computer that runs on either Mac OX or Windows 7/8.  

For casual users, meaning  your main activities are surfing  the internet, watching YouTube, reading Facebook, writing emails, playing easy games, and chatting over Skype, you get more choices now.

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If the budget is your main concern, Chromebook is a good choice.
Chromebook  is a laptop made by Google, and  the price tag is around $200.  The interface looks almost like our good old friend Windows XP, and most of the documents and photos will be stored at the Google Cloud, and users don’t need to worry about losing them. However, be aware that it doesn’t have the DVD player on it, and it is not that good in photos and video editing.

If travel and the outdoors are the big part of your life, a tablet will come handy.  There are three main operation systems (OS) for today’s tablet market.

1. Apple iOS  on iPad.

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   iPad will be the best choice, because the text is bigger, darker, and iOS allows magnifying part of the screen for easy viewing.  Also, its interface stays relatively the same from the beginning, but only the price tag is high, starting with $500.

2. Google Android OS on Samsung, Asus or HTC.

It’s cheaper than iPad, and has more to choose from.  Be aware that the interface might be a little different from brand to brand and model to
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model.   Since Android OS is made by Google, the Google map performs wonderfully on the devices.  Users can get turn-by-turn navigation from Google map on the go.  And Android OS tablets integrate well with all Google accounts, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google map, Google + and its free chatting service hangout.  Mostly, depending on hard drive size, it runs about $100 to $300 cheaper than an iPad.

3. Amazon Kindle Fire.

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  If you like to watch movies, or read e-books, this one is a good choice.  Made by Amazon, this means you can subscribe to Amazon Prime to watch unlimited movies, and read many books all for $99 annually.  (For real, don't get this one, unless you watch movies a lot, or share with your kids and grandkids.)

You might notice the Windows 8 tablet is not suggested at this post, because the interface is not user-friendly enough, and also has the rumor about the interface overhaul for Windows 9 in 2015. It’s just not good for people of my parents' age. 

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