Monday, June 2, 2014

Those signs are all indications of existent Wi-Fi hotspots. 

photo by  Coffee Coffee , Al Pavangkanan , Manolo Gómez ,  Wesley Fryer

 Wi-Fi, also called Hotspot or wireless internet access, is a “thing” that can get us on the internet.

This is all you need to know about Wi-Fi; however, for those curious bees, you can keep reading.

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Think about Wi-Fi  as AM radio waves.  All AM stations are shared by whoever has radio players at the same time.
The same to Wi-Fi, only we share the internet not via radio stations by W-Fi.   And what is best, anyone can create a Wi-Fi hotspot for others to share. 

Often we get internet to our place by wires, such as telephone lines, or cables, and since it  is not cheap, that’s why we want to share.  Thanks to Wi-Fi modern technology, we don’t need to run wires anymore. We can get a WiFi router, also called wireless router, and everyone in the house can share the internet.  This is how we access/use free Wi-Fi in libraries, supermarkets, schools, churches or coffee shops.
The bottom line is, though there are plenty of free Wi-Fi hotspots out there, feel free to use them just for non-private business. 

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