Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Free Wi-Fi in Coffee Shops is for you to watch or read something over a cup of coffee.  Feel free to watch YouTube videos, read gossips on E! News, or browse items that you like to buy LATER.  The internet access in public places is usually called the insecure internet access, because when we share the same Wi-Fi station, others can easily gain access to information that we send and receive from the internet.

photo by Joselito Tagarao 
Just think about how easy you might get sick when you share a cup of coffee with 10 even 20 people at the same time.  

Let’s draw a line among GOOD, OK and NEVER for using free Wi-Fi in the coffee shops, libraries, buses, or airports.  

Good: Watch videos. (The best thing to 
         do in coffee shops.) 
         Read news. 
         Play games. 
         Chat over Skype.
         Information Searching

Ok: Check emails. 
       Shopping, as long as you don’t 
       need to  type your credit card
Never:On-line banking.  
          On-line trading.
          Any account that you need to 
          type your social security numbers,
          or credit card numbers.

Free internet access means unpaid security. It is possible for some bad person to see what’s on your screen in his/her computer , and sharing a free Wi-Fi station only makes things too easy for him/her to do.

The bottom line is that for the information you don’t wish to show in public, don’t access it by free public Wi-Fi.

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