Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I don’t blog; actually, we don’t blog.  None of us working at owns any blog except this one. 

For a reason most of us agree that blogs are for those who like to show off, but we are not among them.

However, by doing we come to realize that blogging is not to show off, but to share , to give  and what's more , to create a legacy.

photo by  Johan Larsson 

A legacy is to share knowledge and experiences of trained professionals.
A legacy is to remember small events that have been left behind by historical books.
A legacy takes humble human beings a life time to create. 

Stories often imply wisdom, and such wisdom will be gone, if stories haven’t  been written down. 

That’s why, in the old days, important retired people wrote memoirs.  First, they were literate, which was a privilege that no longer existed now.  Second, people could learn from their experiences.  Third, they knew they would not be forgotten as long as a copy of their books was on a bookshelf.

It’s a win-win situation.
Future generations receive experiences, and past generations are remembered.  

Today, everyone can write their memoirs for free.
Though blogging is free, of course, getting on internet may cost you a little.

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Next time, when people ask you questions, or when you like to tell a good  old story, think of how many more people could benefit from your wisdom, if you write a post on your blog.  

A talk by a mouth will dry out with a spit.
A post on a blog will share by millions with a click.

Now, you can either read the related articles, or share this page. Then get up and enjoy your life.


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