Thursday, May 8, 2014

Smart devices are computers in a form of a cellphone, a pair of glasses, or a watch.  

photo by Ashok Govind 
On a cellphone, we name it smart phone.  We can use this type of cellphone to make a regular phone call, or do some computer jobs.  Such as typing email, surfing the internet, or watch movies.   Of course, smartphones take photos, too.

photo by Martin Voltri 
If this device looks like a huge cellphone, usually, close to A4 size paper, we call it tablet.  It’s a mobile computer, so it’s a computer.  With it we can surf the internet, watch YouTube, talk on Skype, play games, and plus, take photos. 

On the watch, we name it smartwatch. 
photo by Kārlis Dambrāns 
Smartwatches are sidekicks of a smartphone or a tablet.  It enhances the user experiences for them, and it doesn’t really work all by itself.

photo by lawrencegs
On the glasses, we name it smartglasses.  The most famous one is Google glass.  It’s almost like a smartwatch, except that it takes verbal comment, and have camera on it.

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