TechMeSlowly is created for people who have already enjoyed life more than 65 years.  

All posts are written in plain English, so readers can understand the content without knowledge of any technical jargons.

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What we believe.

We believe this modern computer and internet life is for everyone, especially seniors.  Having a long life is a blessing, because it means to see and enjoy more of God's creations, including the internet and mobile devices.

We also believe this modern computer and internet life haven't changed the core of our society that much.  They only alter the outer layer of it.  People, especially seniors, should be informed that not so much has been altered though a lot of things have become different.  A new computer is just as a new model of a car, and the internet is only a better radio. 

Why are we doing

While we were enjoying this modern form of  internet life in our late 30s, we noticed that our parents started to ask some dumb tech questions.  At that time, none of us took them seriously, because it was just internet, and not everyone needed to be that informative.

Then, suddenly everything changed with the launch of this thing called iPad.

Before we could fully realize it, our parents asked more questions.  Thus we finally became aware of the gap between them, seniors, and this fast-changing internet world.

The mean life expectancy  is 79.8 in U.S., 80 In UK and 81 in Germany.  In France it is 82.  And in Italy and Singapore, it's 84.  In Japan, it's 86.  The average people are going to live 15 to 20 years more as seniors, if they go by the legal senior age, 65.

Being a 21st century senior is a full time job now.   

Back that time, Jess was teaching seniors computer, and she was surprised at the enthusiasm and overwhelming interest that seniors had in new technology.  However, the "just copy me" learning theory was not working to most of seniors.  They need to know WHY for their brain to follow. 

This is why post articles about WHY in a logical sense, not in a technical sense.

Who are we?

Jess W.:Post Writer / Senior educator since 2011
L.Y.W.:Post Writer / Tech lover
Kiyomi Y.: Designer.
Cozie L.  : Proofreader, most important, a senior. 

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