Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sentence one:
What’s your website?

This sentence actually means, “What is the web address of your company/business?”
Although the word website is not equal to web address; however, this is a common error we don’t mind that much today.  

Sentence two:
I type the web address in the URL bar.

Web address / uniform resource locator, abbreviated URL

photo by Descrier

The uniform resource locator, aka URL, is commonly known as the web address.  It’s a unique code that marks a website location, so we can find a website on the internet.   It’s like the address of our house.

URL bar
This is that long white bar on the top of browsers.  

And it often has too many characters in it.  And we no longer need to type the “http:// “ anymore.  Just type, and the browser will take you there.

Here is a normal 21st century daily conversation:
“What’s your website?”
What is the web address of your website?
“Ok, I type the address. Here it comes!”
Type the web address in the URL bar, located on the top of the browser. Then I hit the enter key, and the browser shows me the website.

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