Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If you wish to know what  the “Cloud” is, please 
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As we talked about in “Stay worry-free and safe in the post-XP world”, backing up personal documents is a must.

There are two ways to back up documents.  One is to copy files to hard drives, and the other is to the “Cloud”, which is also a hard drive, only located somewhere else. 

Photo by Nick Merritt 

The point is, if you are a photo lover, which means you take more than 300 photos per month, and you already have more than 5000 photos in your hard drive.  Get a hard drive to back up, and partner with a new computer. 

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The main reason we do not recommend the hard drive for backup is that, if a XP gets attacked, the joint hard drive might have problems, too.  However, If documents are on a Cloud, we can always retrieve them back to a new device. 

Based on what type of personal documents you have, there are different Clouds  suitable for them.

For photo and video files:
Flickr  //  Google +  //  Facebook

For Word, Excel, pdf, all types of files:
Google drive  //  Dropbox    //  Skydrive

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We can get a full day class just to understand pros and cons of each cloud services.

Let’s save the trouble. For normal people, Google is a good choice.  Sign up and upload all photos, videos, docs to Google services.  

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