Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Cloud refers to Cloud Storage. They are hard drives in places far away, and users can access  the Cloud anywhere through the internet.  You can think of it as self storage in the real world.  

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The action users store their data on the Cloud through the internet is called Upload.  Whenever they need the data , they can get them from any location with internet access, and that is Download.

Of course, users will need some devices connected to the internet for uploading and downloading.  Those devices could be smartphones, computers, tablets, or Google glasses. 
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And how fast the files can be uploaded and downloaded will  depend on the speed of internet connection.  This means, how much you pay for your internet connection; usually the more you pay, the faster you get.

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Up to now 2014, there are a lot of choices of the Cloud  in the market.  Most common brands are Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, and iCloud from Apple.   They are all FREE, but they all have size limit  and  “small texts” under the rules.

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