Monday, April 14, 2014

There is always a very good reason why some people choose to stay with XP. That is ROI---return on investment. 

Most of people, in their lawful senior age, don’t use computer that much.  Sunshine, physical actives and medicines are better places to spend savings.  This is a very common choice. The reality is that the reward for a new computer is simply too low.
Photo by Robert S. Donovan

It’s ok, just ok, to use your XP, till its end.  If reading email, news, and FB, typing, surfing the internet, and watching YouTube, are the main reason that you turn on the computer, it’s ok to keep your XP for another year or so. However, If you are photo or video editing lovers, it is time to partner with a new computer, ASAP. 

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To stay worry-free and safe in the “another year or so” time, there are two rules one must follow.

First, leave no important documents in a XP computer. This means if the XP computer gets hacked, you will not worry about those important documents trapped inside the computer, because you get nothing important on it.

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Two, use Firefox or Chrome to surf the internet.  Those are browsers which provide basic net protection .  You can surf safe, as long as you don’t get on those dangerous websites.

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