Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Before we explain anything further, first thing first, we are not big fans of AOL dailup, because the internet now is much bigger than dialup can handle.

High-speed internet service is not cheap, and most of all, many seniors are not using it that often. Understandable, there are better things to do, just name a few, physical exercises, doctors’ appointments, and community functions. However, like the house phone for the 20th century, the internet is now a basic requirement for the 21st century. We want to enjoy it, but we don't want to pay more than we need, so the only way to make it down a reasonable price is one word, SHARE.

photo by peddhapati
The price for a high-speed, broad band internet service is about $34.99 to $59.99 per month. it’s not that cheap, if one doesn’t use it every day. However, if you and neighbors  share the same internet service , that will cut the cost down dramatically.

This is the job you need Helper to do it for you,or to find some one to do it for you.

The game plan is, first, find neighbors, not too far from your place, who would like to share home internet service with you. Second, figure out who wants to be the internet manager to apply for the internet service and have it installed in his/her place. Third, here is where you need the Helper or professional installers. Setup a Wi-Fi network around those neighbors who share this internet service. This means sending Wi-Fi signals from your place to their place. The signals can go quite far away, as long as nothing blocks in between.

At the end, most important, figure out when and who should collect the money and make sure the bill gets paid on time monthly.

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