Monday, October 6, 2014

For the environmental concern, and the health of your bank accounts, stop burning CDs to share photos.

photo by  alamosbasement

There is a better and cheaper way to do so, and that is using free online photo storage.

There are a lot of good choices now, such as Dropbox, Flickr, or Facebook…etc.; however, for all non-tech-genetic-users, the best choice is Google+ photo.

You can share photos with anyone who can get online, and have email address where you can give them the link of your photos.

Although Google+ Photo only provides 15 GB space, but photos smaller than 2048x2048 pixels will not count as using your storage space. What this means is to stop worrying about the space; there will be more room than you need.

But here is the fine print.

If you take pictures with those good cameras, then you will still need to backup your original photos on CDs/DVDs. You can use Google+ Photo for share only. If you are those cellphone camera men, or pocket size camera persons, you can use Google+ Photo to save all your photos as backup and share them at the same time. Just Remember to write down your email address and passwords, so the future generations can access your photos after.

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Now, you can either read the related articles, or share this page. Then get up and enjoy your life.

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