Monday, September 22, 2014

Not all of people are tech-genetic, so a Tech-Helper is often needed for all ages. 

A student once told me the reason she attended the computer class was that she hoped she didn’t need to ask for help any more. I told her how unrealistic it was, because even I, regarded tech-genetic, seek help all the time. Learning tech stuff is not about “I can be on my own,” but more of “I know HOW and WHAT to ask others to help me.” 

photo by Keoni Cabral 

For all one-time setup process, I always recommend  having a Tech-Helper setup for you, because time is valuable. Don’t waste it on learning things that you don’t use often. Save the energy and the memory power, and go for the skills and steps used daily. It’s all about ROI. 

A Tech-Helper is a person who is comfortable to be with and has a basic ability to deal with everyday tech stuff. He/she doesn’t need to be great with tech stuff, as long as he/she knows where to find more help when needed. And most of all, you need to feel comfortable to ask endless questions to your Tech-Helper. If you get time, please read Being Curious Is Great, But Don’t Go Too Far for building a great relationship with your Tech-Helper.

In fact, there are endless new techs coming up every day. Learn only what you need, and master those skills. A Tech-Helper could help you with many tech issues, but he/she doesn't necessarily give you lessons about computers, smart devices,websites, and all tech skills. Attend classes or have tutors for learning purpose. If you have some unexpected situations , ask  a Tech-Helper to deal with them for you, and feel great that you know how to ask questions. 

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