Friday, June 6, 2014

This one is for my Dad.
After dinner, he was reading a newspaper, and asked, “What is 4G?”
I answered, “something faster than 3G.”
My Dad replied, “OK!.”  And got back to his newspaper.

This is all you need to know about 4G; however, for those curious bees, you can keep reading.
photo by Ervins Strauhmanis 
The G stands for generation.
3G is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology.  And 4G is fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology.  This means nothing to anyone except telecommunication or computer engineers. 

If you don’t know what’s Wi-Fi, you might want to read, What is Wi-Fi? first.   Because we are going to the basic comparisons about 3G/4G and Wi-Fi.

Think about 3G/4G as FM radio waves.  FM waves are stronger than AM.  More people can listen to the same stations through players.  The same to 3G/4G; they can get more people on the internet than Wi-Fi, because their coverage is wider.  However, Wi-Fi usually can access the internet faster than 3G/4G. 

3G/4G are signals that only telecommunication companies can create. Pretty much as old days, FM radio stations are broadcasting state or nation wide by big companies, and a housewife can get an AM radio transmitter to air her kitchen talk show over several counties.  AM radio stations are like Wi-Fi stations, from which anyone can get a Wi-Fi router and create his/her own Wi-Fi hotspot.

Translate to normal language: if you want to get on line anytime, anywhere, your devices need to have 3G/4G.  If you are ok to get on line in some spots only, you can get devices that only have Wi-Fi, which is usually cheaper.

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