Monday, July 7, 2014

Here, let me share a story with you first. 

My grandma is 92 now.  Four years ago, my grandpa passed away. Before that, he was in charge of this cell business for both of them.  They always had the cell phone with them, so we could get them, and they could reach us in case of any emergency.  Nothing serious did happen except a request like What did you want for lunch?

Then my grandpa passed away, and now grandma walks around without a cellphone.  She would not like to go to any distant places, so that she moves within 5 blocks and for around 2 hours in the morning.  But her time is not always on the clock, depending on whoever she meets on the road; sometimes she could stay out longer.  There are a couple of times she didn’t show up on time. Since she didn’t wear a watch either,  that scares the hell out of the family.

photo by Summer Skyes 11 
A cellphone would easily fix this situation, because at least we can reach her and know where she is.  The point is she can’t get used to carrying a cellphone now.  She was nearly 80 when the cellphone finally dropped down to a reasonable price, and that’s when the grandpa got one.  Grandma never had her own cellphone before, and she isn’t prepared for one, in her 90s.

When it comes to learning new skills, or build up new behavior, age is a critical factor.   The older a person gets, the longer it would take them to learn a new skill.  Seniors are aware of this, so they tend to keep objects they already know how to use or buy items that they identify from the past.  My mom was ever fighting to keep her Nokia N76 !!
photo by Darla Mack 
Then I decided to put her on iPad first, and now she is crazy about Hey Day.  

Finally, she is moving on to a New HTC. 

My mom once said she is less adventurous than she used to be 5 years ago, and I can see the fear in her eyes when she faces this unfamiliar self. 

Still welcome my Mom to the 21st century. I would not let her keep using a Nokia N76, because I know if she keeps moving, she will live more happily in the future, and so will I.
Reason, this means I don’t need to teach her how to use a touchscreen phone in her 80s.  Great!!!

Good news is, my Dad is moving on to a new cell, too.  After he sees how wonderful her wife’s phone is.

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