Thursday, July 10, 2014

Technically, they are all blogs as we talked about in What Is Blog?  However, normally, people see Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest as social media, and classify Blogger and Wordpress as blogs. 

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The key to this separation is the social networking functions provided by the websites.  For a social media website, it would automatically share posts with all of users' friends.  For a blog, usually users post articles and their friends come to the blogs by themselves.  Another main separation is the Thumb Up function, or the LIKE function, embedded in social media websites, not in blogs. 

Also the content that people share in social media and blogs are somewhat different.  In social media, users often share information they like from other websites or some short sentences, often not very clear expressions about their mood or life.  Most social media are technically counted as microblogs with the text limit for each post. Social media could be seen as fast-food restaurants, while blogs are more like traditional sit-down restaurants.  Users take time to write original articles which they like to share with others, or take photos or videos.  You will see mostly original creations in blogs, and also some commercials,  by which bloggers make money.

The bottom line is, when normal people talk about blogs, they most likely mean a website with a lot of texts, or photos, such as  And for social media, they usually mean “ Do you share info with others? ” or “ Could you thumb up my posts? ”

Point is all websites have their own advantages, so choose them, based on what you need, and operate them wisely. 

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