Thursday, September 11, 2014

Staying curious to new things is great, but when it comes to learning tech how-to, you may want to save your healthy curiosity for later.
First share with you a story titled, What Does This Button Do…!

photo by  Ervins Strauhmanis

Years before my mom retired, more than 15 years ago, the school decided to rebuild the system and all teachers were required to key in the computer directly. Before that, assistants would do the computer job for teachers. For many older teachers, this was a hard task and under many pressure, the training classes began. 

At the first class, in the very first hour, a trainer almost lost his temper! He started the class by telling all teachers what the ON button did on the computer. Right after that, a teacher aged near 60, raised her hand and asked,“ What does the blue one next to it do?” The trainer answered that question, but the old teacher kept asking about all the buttons in the front, and then went on to the plugins in the back. At the end, the teacher made a comment that it was impossible for her to remember so much technical stuff, plus learning how to operate this piece of modern equipment. At the moment, the bell went off, so class was dismissed. The trainer told my mom that he was really saved by the bell, because he came close to telling the old lady, “Shut up and just push the ON button, NOW!”

Most seniors are curious and staying curious is a wonderful life attitude. However, learning tech stuff is almost like learning how to drive. One doesn’t really need to know how a car runs, before he/she can drive the car down the road; he/she only needs to learn how to move forward, how to turn and how to stop. Then the rest of driving is all down to constant practice . 

At the end, when it comes to learning the new tech, learning the how by listening, copying, and following is the easiest way to insure a great learning process

Knowing the WHY will help, but don’t let the curiosity take over the show. 

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