Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Many of window users are going to experience “post-XP” period, since Microsoft officially ends the support of Window XP on April 8th, 2014.
Most people ask…

What now? 

Like ending  all relationships, there are worries, but most important, there are hopes as well.  Hopes for a better relationship, a new partner and a brighter life.

If you have already decided to let go your XP, you will find useful information in the related article.

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If you are still attached to your XP, it’s ok…for a while.  But first, we need to know what will happen to a XP without Microsoft support.  Imagine a person lying naked on a beach at the high-noon in summer Africa.  No sunglasses, no UV-protected lotion.  What's more crazy  is that the sun would never go down.

Imagine how long it would take a person to get sick in this condition. That’s how long  your XP will become unhealthy, and eventually broken down.

This is a horrible scenario, but a true glance of the future.

What now?

The options are:

1. Get a new device, ASAP. 
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2. If there are some such real life issues  that option one is not feasible now, you will need to learn how to stay safe in the post-XP world.
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Now, you can either read the related articles, or share this page. Then get up and enjoy your life.


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