Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The web is created by engineers---also human ; therefore, the structure of the web is almost identical with this human world.

A web address is similar to any worldly address marking a
Photo by Marc Levin 
physical location on  earth.  Yet, there may be a building that refers to the  web location, or may be not.  And the number of the web address is infinite, as long as it is unique.

A website is a building.  
A building could be a school, a mall, or a government building. 
Photo by Ron Cogswell 
So websites could stand for Savannah College of Art and Design, Amazon, or White House

An e-mail is a mailbox.  
A mailbox could be in a post office, or a UPS store.
And at an e-mail, the user's internet address after @ decides where the mail will be delivered .
Photo by Newsbie Pix 

For example,
myemail @ mycompany.com
Mails will go to the mail center at mycompany.com.

myemail @aol.com :  
Mails will go to the mail center at AOL.

myemail @gmail.com :  
Mails will go to the mail center at Google.

In this logic, we don’t get mails delivered to our computer in our house.  We actually go to Google, AOL, or Yahoo to check our mails, and then we reply, or delete them. We leave all mails in their care.  This is the main reason why many of us don’t need  a big computer now.

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