Monday, June 23, 2014

Not a lot of differences.  
Those are like the states on car tags. They indicate what institute or location the website belongs to . 

photo by Serge Kij 
Since the government issues their own car tags, it is not surprising that there is .gov ,dot-gov, for government departments.

.edu is for education institutes, and by October 29, 2001, only the post-secondary institutions and organizations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education are eligible to apply for such a domain.

.com and .net can be gotten from website registration companies for a little bit more than ten bucks. There are more dots than you can imagine, such as .today, .guru, .club, or .org, and there are more to come.

You might also notice dot-uk for websites registered in UK, or dot-ca for Canada.  Dot with the short form of a country shows where the business of this website is located.   

Here, let’s talk about a little bit of web security. Any human who has a credit card can get any domain located in almost any country on this earth, without having a physical address in that country.  And the point is, this is totally legal.  So those dots with the country short form are not so accurate.  

Tell you a story, and then you should have a better idea about this.

Dot-la was a hot domain last year.  Of course, dot-la is not for Los Angeles, but for Laos, a small southeast Asian country.  But since the acronym also stands for Los Angeles, businesses in L.A. were crazy all over it. 

This is the end of the story. If you wonder where the Laos is , you are welcome to check out: Travel Video Guide: Laos

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