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Most seniors don’t use cellphones that much. If you are those normal seniors, getting a prepaid phone is the best value.

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Today you don’t really need to get a prepaid phone from providers. You only need to get a prepaid phone SIM card from them if your phone is compatible. 

The prepaid refill cards are usually in amount between $10 to $100, depending on providers.  For most prepaid phones, by calculation, user pays about $8.33 per month, and that includes around 24 minutes.  One very important note needed to be taken seriously is that most prepaid phone refill minutes expire in 90 days, and this means whether you use up those minutes or not, you will need to refill your prepaid phone to keep the phone activated. 

What I used to do for my mom was put her cell up with the Gold Reward in T-mobile prepaid.  T-mobile has this rule : if one gets $100 prepaid refill credit at once, the credit will be good for one year.  This is the Gold Reward.  By calculation, user still pays about $8.33 per month, but it includes 80 minutes per month.  The more you pay, the more minutes you get.  The best is you only need to refill the phone once per year. 

If you decide to go prepaid, be serious with the expiration day.  Make the day on a calendar, or set up an alarm on the phone, because there will be no bill nor message to remind you that the prepaid phone minutes is going to expire, and once it expires, the phone would not be able to use.  

For few seniors, like my Dad, they live by their cellphones.  They call and talk, and call more, if you or your loved one are more of talkers.  The best way is to put them on with a family shared plan.  Check out with younger generations to see if anyone likes to share a cellphone plan, and this usually will benefit both sides.

Select the right plan accordingly, but most important is to take a note for your cell phone usage behavior, before you decide to jump into any contract.  Today the length of a normal cell phone plan contract is 24 months with a penalty for any early cancelation.

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