Thursday, July 24, 2014

If you decide to get a cellphone, you might want a good cell phone carrier to do the job for you.  The only thing matters when it comes to picking a right carrier is the signal,  the how-many-bars-you-have.  Whoever can stately deliver good cell signals to areas you go often, it’s the one for the job.

photo by Sam Churchill 
The cellphone signals are not distributed evenly throughout the country.  In some places, your neighbor may have good signals from one carrier but not you.  Make a list of places where you often go, and go with friends who have different carriers to check out which carriers have the best signals. 

Don’t just think the poor connection only happens in rural areas, it actually happens more in the cities.   A friend who moved into a new apartment a while ago in a metro area suddenly found that she could only use her cellphone next to her kitchen window.  The buildings around her apartment have blocked the signals.  Every time she has visitors, she would check how well their cell phones get connected.  In the end, she switches to the only carrier that provides fair signals to her place so she can talk to her friends on the couch.

Double check with your friends in places you often visit.  And makes sure not only the signals are good, but the cell phone calls are good also, because many times, bars are deceiving.  

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