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MP3 is a sound file, like a cassette.  
MP4 is a movie file, like a VHS.
CD, photo by DeclanTM

MP3 files can be burned to a CD, and plays on a CD player.
MP4 files can be burned to a DVD, and plays on a DVD player.

DVD, photo by Geoffrey Fairchild 
Both MP3 and MP4 can make Data CDs or DVDs.
What is Data CD or DVD?  CDs played in CD players are audio CDs.  DVD played in DVD players are video DVDs.  And both CD and DVD can also be used to store computer data.  If you still remember floppy disks, 
Floppy disk by Yun Huang Yong
CDs and DVDs could also be used as what floppy disks did to save computer data.  Those data could be pictures, music, videos, pdfs or any computer files.

Floppy disk HD by Chris Phan

The two main purposes to make data CDs and DVDs are, 

1.  Data sharing. CDs and DVDs are cheap to make and an easy way to distribute information.   

2.  Data safekeeping.   The estimated life time for a CD or DVD is up to 200 years, but the reality is whether anyone still make players at that time. Think about those Super 8 and Regular 8 films and players, the same here. 

Photo by Luis Vidal 

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