Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year to all !!!

In 2015, anyone can be a modern senior and we can do it by simply building up a right attitude. That is to be open-minded, and feel great to ask the same question again and again.

No matter how great your fast learning legacy and xerox memory were, welcome to a leisure lifestyle. It’s time to slow down, and enjoy the scenery.

Once we take the right attitude, all technical things will NOT be the issue anymore. 

photo by Mike Licht
As for the technical part, we have talked over some basic in Welcome To the 21st Century, And Get Ready to Stay Happy.   Here we are going to go on a full version with some knowledge requirements. 

1. A touch screen cellphone of your own.
2. A tablet to get on the internet, such as iPad, HTC or Samsung Pad.
3. Two email addresses, one for personal use, and the other for commercials, and know how to write, reply, forward, and delete emails.
4. A Facebook account, or Google +,  and know how to upload a post, and like posts. 
5. Knowledge of how to surf  the internet for information you want. 
6. Know how to browse online shops from Amazon, or any others you like.  This is not about buying things from them, but about knowing what’s out there, and how much things cost toady.
7. The Internet service at home.
8. Know how to use IM, instant messaging, to interact with your kids, grand kids, and friends. 
9. Download Apps for your iPad, or tablets.
10. Know how to output the screen of your tablet to T, so you can enjoy YouTube better. 
11. Play Candy Crush or Hey Day. ( This one is optional) 

At the end, if you have space at home, you can add a desktop computer, or Chromebook, but for real if you are an active seniors like my Mom, it would be months before you touch the desktop computer, but she does play Hey Day and check Google+/Facebook everyday.  

2015 is going to be a wonderful year, and hope you get a New Year resolution that including some activities about modern techs

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