Thursday, August 28, 2014

Q: I do the two email things you suggest.  I open a new Gmail, but log in and out between two Gmail accoutns is too much for me.  Is there any easier way to do it? 

photo by  r. nial bradshaw 

If you check email in the browser, going back and forth two email accounts is a real job. Here is a good way to enjoy the benefit of two email accounts with a simple click, if you use Chrome for web surfing. 

We are going to do some setting with your Chrome web browser. Since this is a onetime thing, there is no point learning or fooling around this process. So if you don’t feel comfortable with this, please ask your helper to do it for you. 

Since Chrome allows users to create different windows for different users, this means we can use Window 1 for the personal email, and Window 2 for the commercial email.  In this way, we don’t need to log in and out for different emails. Bad new is, this is limited to Gmail users only. 

Setup for a new user.

Step 1: open setting

As usual, click the three-line icons on the upper right hand side, to find the setting within.

Step 2: create a new user

In the setting window, scroll down until the Users section. 

Click Add New User
Select an icon you like.

Click the bar beside the name, and type in a meaningful name. And click Create.

Step 3: log in

Once you hit Create, a new window will show up. If you use gmail, log in with your another gmail account, and if you use other email providers, go to their website and log in.

How to use it?
When you open Chrome, on the upper right or left corner, depending on the OS, you will see the icon you have chosen. 

Click the icon, and select another user. 

Chrome will open a new window for another user, and this window should have your another email account stay logged in. Now you can jump back and forth, without retyping any password.

Please, only use this trick in your home computer fir safety reaosn. If you use public computer, always use the incognito mode to browse in private.

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