Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We surf the Internet. 
We use a browser to browse the Internet. 
We use search engine to find information on the internet.

  • // surf & browse

Those are two words often referring to spending time on the internet, or sitting in front of the computer or staring at an iPad or a smartphone. Those two words mean, “ I am doing something on the internet, but nothing particular.” 

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Most of the time we use them when we don’t want to get into “what we are doing on the internet.” It’s almost like when people ask, “ What were you doing in the mall?” We reply, “ Nothing, just walk around.”

  • // browser

A web browser, often called browser, is a software on our computer or iPad. A browser can take us to the world wide web, the internet.

I.E., Internet Explorer, is a browser.

Netscape is a browser, which I hope no one still uses.

FireFox is a browser.

Opera is a browser.

Safari is a browser.

Chrome is a browser.

Why are there so many browsers? The same to why there are so many department stores, grocery stores, banks and gas stations. Personal preference, easy access, benefits and most of all, the familiarity. Also, as Target has its own Target brand products, and so do the browsers. Some sites might function well under selected browsers and not others. This happens often with banking or government websites.

  • // search engine

Search engine is almost like yellow page; only it updates more than once a year. It’s a website that we use browsers to go to. And we get on a search engine to find information from the internet.

Google is a search engine.

Yahoo is a search engine.

Bing is a search engine.

And if you get a family working in China, Baidu is THE search engine there.

Why are there so many search engines? The same to why there are so many department stores, grocery stores, banks and gas stations. 

This sentence:
I was sitting in front of the computer this afternoon. I used a web browser to get on a search engine and find information that I need.

Normally it is written like this:
I was surfing the internet this afternoon. I used Chrome to get on Google and find the information that I need.

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