Friday, August 22, 2014

Q: I don’t call them junk emails because I do like commercials and advertisements.They bring interesting new information to me, but I don’t like them to live in between my personal emails. What could I do?

photo by Michael Coghlan 

Here is something you can do.
What I often suggest my students doing is having two email accounts, one for your personal use, and the other for commercials. 

You only give your  personal email for real people, also for your banking, insurance, or investment agents. 

All other things, such as subscription for magazines, trying out free stuff online, or anything on the website you want to see what would happen after you give them the email, you can just give them your commercial email account. 

This way, you know all important emails will always arrive in your personal email account, and if you don’t get much time to check emails, you only need to check the personal email account. And leave all the fun commercials and advertisings to where they belong, out of your personal life.

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